On the frame or in a container building, Skids provide
heat recovery for
sanitary or technological
purposes from 20% to 80%.

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Compact construction

Thanks to the small size of skids, you save space in the production hall. Small dimensions make it easier to transport and connect skids in any possible location.


Individual solutions adjusted to the specifics of the company and its technological process. Using materials adapted to appropriate medium


Advanced automatics provides the ability to monitor and control how the system works, also remotely, including notification about alarm situations.


All the components like sensors, tanks, pumps, temperature controllers as well as control panel are delivered as a complete "turnkey" system which requires minimal installation costs.

Easy to service

Thanks to the compact construction of skids, all components are in one place. That renders service actions and parts replacement are very easy to perform.

Darpin - chłodnictow, agregaty chłodnicze, skidy pompoweOur experience provides
undeniable quality

25 years of experience

Darpin is a provider of optimized systems according to customer wish in terms of energy consumption, efficiency and price.

We select the best design solutions, which allows for compact and smooth construction.

We use the best components from worldwide known brands in our skids.

Every system is designed to save costs and upgrade energy efficiency

Efficiency and stability of technological process

Skids manufactured by us are compact systems providing circulation of technological liquids at specific temperature and pressure. These things let us create stable and effective cooling of machines.

Systems which are based on re-using of energy resources in waste water can reduce the negative impact on the environment and natural resources as well as minimazing operating costs in each manufacturing industry.


Darpin - chłodnictow, agregaty chłodnicze, skidy pompoweContainer building skids

Our skids can be executed inside container construction, thanks to which they receive compact dimensions, enlarge the quantity of space for production devices and become mobile, allowing in case of need changing place of their installation.

Darpin - chłodnictow, agregaty chłodnicze, skidy pompoweSkids built-in three layer panel construction

In cases when Your individual needs require selection of components impossible to assembly in container building, we execute skids inside a "three-layer boards" building using the best materials.

Darpin - chłodnictow, agregaty chłodnicze, skidy pompoweExample of Darpin's skids use:

Pump stations Heat transfer systems Foundries Automotive

Pharmaceutical industry Food industry Sewage plants

Plastic processing Technologically cooling water systems

Biotechnology District heating

There is also possibility of making a pump skid according to customer needs, e.g. adjusting specific dimensions or colours

Darpin - chłodnictow, agregaty chłodnicze, skidy pompoweSee also: